The Proper Living Co. produces innovative products with the highest quality craftsmanship. Our primary focus is to achieve overall wellness while simultaneously combating the negative effect of chronic inflammation, also known as fibrosis.
Our suite of products are designed to be used in conjunction with each other so that you can move better, feel better and sleep better.
Proper Living Co. believes in preventing illness and prolonging life. Our mission supports all key factors of being healthy. We believe in the proverbs “you are what you eat”, “use it or lose it” and “the glass is half full”. Everyone needs to eat well, be active, and feel good about themselves. We believe the most important time for your body to recover is during sleep. We not only believe in proper rest, but also in proper posture while you sleep.
Proper Living Co. provides the necessary tools to help you on your path to optimal daily wellness. Our products enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.


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