Duvet Cover

  • ULTRA-SOFT. The Proper Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover is designed to fit and protect your Proper Weighted Blanket. We highly recommend adding the duvet cover to your weighted blanket to help protect it for a longer life and easier cleaning.
  • DOES NOT BUNCH. The Duvet Cover and Weighted Blanket have ties in each corner to help keep the blanket in place once the duvet cover is added, allowing the weighted blanket to stay evenly distributed rather than bunching up in the middle
  • EASY TO CLEAN. When it is time to clean the duvet cover, simply remove the cover from the weighted blanket, wash it on cold, and tumble dry on low
  • COMFORTABLE. Designed with a comfort quilt texture, the Duvet Cover is made from soft Minky fabric and durable polyester
  • PERFECTLY SIZED FOR INDIVIDUAL USE. This Duvet Cover is designed to fit the 60? x 80? measurements of the Proper Weighted Blanket

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